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Recent Updates

19/10/2021 "Masters Collection (The Pye Years)" vinyl compilation
28/09/2021 "Doing Their Thing...Live" CD
16/06/2021 "The Rest Of Status Quo" vinyl reissue
16/06/2021 "Live At Knebworth" EP
02/01/2021 "Picturesque Matchsticable Messages From The Status Quo" vinyl reissue
19/10/2020 "Die Grössten Erfolge" German Lidl only compilation CD
15/10/2020 "Picturesque Matchsticable Messages From The Status Quo" vinyl reissue
11/10/2020 Austrain "Rockin' All Over The World" LP Club Edition
10/09/2020 "Essential" CD set
07/09/2020 "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" vinyl re-issue
24/01/2020 "Perfect Remedy", "Rock 'Til You Drop" and "Thirsty Work" deluxe re-issue CDs
07/10/2019 "On The Level" vinyl re-issue
14/09/2019 "Backbone"/"Liberty Lane" & "Crazy, Crazy"/"Face The Music" singles
06/09/2019 "Backbone" album
29/07/2019 "Rockin' All Over The World - The Collection" vinyl release
22/04/2019 "The Vinyl Singles Collection 2000-2010" box set
05/02/2019 "Ma Kelly's Greasy Tapes" CD bootleg
03/11/2018 "The Vinyl Singles Collection 1990-1999" box set
17/08/2018 "Down Down & Dirty" & "Down Down & Dignified" releases
17/08/2018 "1+9+8+2", "Back To Back", In The Army Now" & "Ain't Complaining" re-issue CDs
14/08/2018 "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" compilation CD
05/12/2017 "Plugged In - Live And Rockin' In Reading" CD
09/10/2017 "Collected" CD compilation
29/09/2017 "Heavy Traffic" vinyl bootleg
30/07/2017 "The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984-1989" box set
14/07/2017 "The Last Night Of The Electrics"
02/07/2017 "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" LP re-issue
15/06/2017 "Piledriver" blue vinyl
02/06/2017 "The Vinyl Singles Collection 1980-1982" box set
01/06/2017 "Never Too Late", "Just Supposin'" & "Blue For You" re-issue CDs
27/02/2017 "Keep ' Em Coming - The Collection" CD
19/02/2017 "The Vinyl Singles Collection 1972-1979" box set
17/02/2017 "The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996" 10 LP box set
06/02/2017 3 Demon vinyl releases
20/01/2017 3 Edsel CD reissues
22/12/2016 "The Last Night Of The Electrics" Live CDs
27/11/2016 "Whatever You Want - The Essential Status Quo" CD set
21/10/2016 "Aquostic II - That's A Fact" album
08/09/2016 "That's A Fact" single
31/05/2016 "12 Gold Bars" vinyl re-issue
27/03/2016 "More From The End Of The Road" video 8
25/02/2016 "Rockin' All Over The World - John Eden Remix" double LP
21/02/2016 "On The Level!", "If You Can't Stand The Heat" & "Whatever You Want" CD re-issues
03/01/2016 "Status Quo!" Italian 2007 CD compilation
24/12/2015 "Lechlade Music Festival" CD
17/12/2015 "Live In Concert 2015" CDs
27/11/2015 "Hello!", "Quo" & "Rockin' All Over The World" CD re-issues
27/11/2015 "Rollin' Home" Shaped Picture Disc re-issue
20/11/2015 "Accept No Substitute - The Definitive Hits" compilation CD
11/11/2015 German "Pictures Of Matchstick Men - Album Version & London Mix" 7" promo single
09/11/2015 "5 Classic Albums" CD set
21/10/2015 "Quo" & "On The Level" CD re-issues
04/07/2015 "Collector's Package" CD box set
04/07/2015 "Hello!" CD re-issue
03/06/2016 "Blue For You" CD re-issue
03/06/2016 "Rockin' All Over The World - The Collection" CD compilation CD
03/06/2015 "Don't Stop Live" bootleg LP
13/04/2015 "Aquostic! Live At The Roundhouse"
20/02/2015 "Dog Of Two Head Tour" bootleg LP
15/02/2015 "Aquostic Live" Bootleg LP
31/12/2014 "Live at Barclaycard Arena Birmingham" CD
24/11/2014 "Dawn Of The Frantic Four" bootleg LP also available on grey vinyl
22/10/2014 Aquostic" CD
22/10/2014 "Aquostic" LP
08/09/2014 "The Frantic Four's Final Fling: Live In Dublin 2014" DVD
06/09/2014 "Status Quo Live!" CD re-issue
31/05/2014 "Dawn Of The Frantic Four" bootleg LP
20/04/2014 "Pictures - Live In Switzerland 2009" LP
01/04/2014 "Tokyo Quo" LP
24/03/2014 "Piledriver" CD re-issue
23/03/2014 "Live in Oberhausen" CD
25/01/2014 "Bula Quo Live!" CDs
30/11/2013 "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" / "Quid Pro Quo" Picture Discs
10/11/2013 German "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" / "Quid Pro Quo" CD re-issues
05/11/2013 "Bula Quo!" DVD Re-issue
30/09/2013 "Back2 SQ.1" releases
30/09/2013 "Back2 SQ.1" Glasgow Live album
17/06/2013 "Videobiography" DVD Re-issue
10/06/2013 "Bula Quo!" CD
01/04/2013 FF Live CDs
22/12/2012 "QuoFestive - Live At The O2" Live CD
08/12/2012 "The Rest Of Status Quo" LP PRT 
02/11/2012 Australian "Quid Pro Quo" CD
29/10/2012 "Hello Quo!" DVD
26/07/2012 German "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" / "Quid Pro Quo" CD re-issues
08/07/2012 Russian "Greatest Hits" bootleg CD
13/06/2012 Dutch "Icon" CD
26/04/2012 Finnish "Beginning Of The End" promo CD single
22/02/2012 German "Die größten Erfolge" CD
21/02/2012 German "Collection" CD
23/12/2011 "QuoFestive - Live At The O2" Live CD
23/12/2011 "Live At Cornbury 2011" various artists compilation CD
11/12/2011 Spanish "Spotlight On Status Quo" book club edition
11/12/1011 "5 Original Albums" CD
30/11/2011 "Better Than That" single
06/10/2011 "Rockin' All Over The World - The Collection" CD
06/11/2011 "Under The Influence" CD
01/10/2011 "Live At Montreaux 2009" CD
14/09/2011 "Dutch "Ice In The Sun" CD
14/09/2011 "In The Army Now" Promo 12"
03/09/2011 "Quid Pro Quo" Vinyl Re-issue
25/08/2011 German "Ice In The Sun" budget CD from 2001
31/05/2011 "Quid Pro Quo" CD
02/05/2011 "Performance" CD
02/05/2011 Spanish "Sus 50 Mejores Canciones" CD
19/02/2011 German only "Glorious Sixties" cassette
19/02/2011 German "Starboulevard" CD
26/10/2010 "Live In The Netherlands - Official Bootleg" CD