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News Page 2021

29th December  Quo's radio broadcast concert from Stockholm, Sweden on the 24th November 1971 is due to be given a release on the 21st January 2022 by the Audio Vaults (AV201862) - with the title 'Roadhouse Blues...Live...1970-1971' (click here to see the cover design).  The 2 CD set also includes the track listing included on the recently released 'Doing Their Thing' CD. 

17th December 
The latest issue of the FTMO magazine was sent to members of the fan club this week.  The magazine was a tribute to Alan Lancaster.

30th October 
A promo copy of Quo's very rare cancelled 7" single "Technicolor Dreams" from 1968, was sold on the Ebay auction website for £2,150 (€2,660 Euros) (click here) for details.

27th September 
Another Quo 'Pye years' compilation - 'Masters Collection (The Pye Years)' is due to be released by Music On Vinyl (MOVLP2870) on the 15th October.   The double vinyl album is made up of the band's singles ('a' and 'b' sides) from The Spectres  "I (Who Have Nothing)" through to "Mean Girl".

20th August 
The latest issue of the FTMO magazine was sent to members of the fan club this week.  The magazine included a 'question & answer' section with Francis answering fan questions, part two of the 'Bob Young - Quo memorabilia' series and an overview of Quo's 'Record Store Day' releases.

28th July 
A new book on Quo - 'Status Quo On Track: The Frantic Four Years' - is being published on the 25th November.  The book is a 'song-by-song' review of the band's material from 1970 to 1984 (click here for details).

20th July 
'The Early Years' CD compilation, released earlier this month, has been withdrawn due to copyright issues. 

16th June 
 The two Quo 'Record Store Day' releases - "The Rest Of Status Quo" and the "Live At Knebworth" EP - were issued on the 12th June.

14th May 
A semi official CD release of Quo's appearance at Granada TV on the 31st July 1970, is due to be released by the Greek London Calling label (LCCD5089) in July - 'Doing Their Thing ... Live'.  The release also includes audio of "(April) Spring, Summer And Wednesdays", "Spinning Wheel Blues" and "Is It Really Me? Gotta Go Home" from Quo's German TV 'Beat Club' appearance in September 1970.  A limited edition numbered vinyl release pressed on white vinyl is due to be issued in November (click here to see the cover design).

9th April 
Two Quo vinyl releases are to be issued for 'Record Store Day' on the 12th June.  "The Rest Of Status Quo" (originally released in 1976) on purple vinyl, limited edition of two thousand copies, by Music On Vinyl and the "Live At Knebworth" EP, featuring 'live' recordings of "Dirty Water", "Whatever You Want" and "Rockin' All Over The World" from the band's appearance at the festival on the 30th June 1990, by Mercury (click here to see the cover).

8th April 
The latest issue of the FTMO magazine was sent to members of the fan club this week.  The magazine included an update from the band members and featured articles on Francis' forthcoming book 'AAA' and Andy Bown.

19th March
 The re-issue releases from 2017 of "The Party Ain't Over Yet...",  "Don't Stop" and "Under The Influence" albums were reissued on CD by earMUSIC on the 19th February. 

28th February 
A copy of the pre-Quo The Spectres 1967 single "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" was sold for £1,020 (€1,178) on Ebay today (click here for details).

27th February 
The Music On Vinyl label re-issued Quo's "Dog Of Two Head" album on black vinyl on the 19th February (MOVLP2733).

17th February 
The Quo Vinyl website has added new sections on Quo's CD singles and Cassette singles (click here).

2nd February  The
'stereo' recording of the "Picturesque Of  Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo" album was re-issued by the Music On Vinyl label (MOVLP1864) at the end of January.

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