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14th May
The latest issue of the FTMO magazine was sent to members of the fan club this week.  The magazine included an update from the band members about the UK tour and a 'Q & A' session with Bob Young.

11th April 
Quo's Swedish live concert from 1971 is to be given another 'semi-official' release as 'Live In Europe' (Cantare CANTCD 9) on the 27th May.  The CD is to also include 'Is It Really Me? Gotta Go Home' from the Beat Club, in Germany (click here to see the cover design).

11th March
The set list for the UK tour includes:- Caroline / Rain / Little Lady / Softer Ride / Beginning Of The End / Hold You Back / Backing Off / Get Out Of My Head / What You're Proposing-Down The Dustpipe-Wild Side Of Life-Railroad-Again And Again / Mystery Song / The Oriental / Cut Me Some Slack / Liberty Lane / In The Army Now / Roll Over Lay Down / Down Down / Whatever You Want / Rockin' All Over the World - Paper Plane.

11th February 
The 'Roadhouse Blues...Live...1970-1971' CD was released today.  

19th January
The much delayed 'Doing Their Thing' vinyl issue is being released this week.

17th January  
The release date for the 'Roadhouse Blues...Live...
1970-1971' CD has been put back to the 11th February.

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